We just received a fantastic package from Sacred Heart in Merrick, New York.  The drawings are fantastic and we are excited to begin sending them off to Japan.  Thank you for your participation!
We are extremely happy to announce that St. Mary's Childrens Hospital has agreed to participate in the Kids4Japan Project.  We'll post some of these fantastic notes and drawings sometime next week.  Thank you St. Mary's Kids!!
A big thank you to everyone participating in this project.  To date we have several local elementary schools on board and hope to continue getting more involved.  One music class has even offered to produce a DVD of kids singing for Japan!  Keep up the great work.  
We are a bit behind in launching this website but the crisis in Japan and our Kids4Japan project has given us the drive we need to finish an initial site and start promoting it.  Please check out our Kids4Japan page and provide us with comments on the Cr8ve blog.
Welcome to www.cr8vegiving.com.  I created this blog to give people an opportunity to discuss ideas they have for charitable events and comment on the ideas we have posted on our ideas page.  We are constantly looking for new ways to give back to our community and the charitable organizations we team up with.  We would also like to hear comments relating to charitable organizations people have worked with our participated in events with.  I hope you enjoy using this site and help make it a useful and beneficial experience for all who visit.


    Anthony Ficara is the founder of CR8VEGiving.com.  Anthony is also a practicing attorney in New York and an active charity event sponsor and organizer.  


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